Metropoulos Super-Plex MK II 100 watt head


Please note:  we have built all the amps on the waiting list.  An order placed now will ship within one week.  All orders are non-cancellable, non-refundable.  Please purchase ONLY if you understand and agree to these terms.


Picking up where the Super-Plex left off, this is the ULTIMATE 45/100 experience and more.  Mode 1 is spot on 45/100 tone with a boost, FX loop and my new master volume.  That alone amounts to an incredible feat of amp amp design!

Mode 2 drives beyond 45/100 gain levels while retaining the vintage vibe and tone.  An entirely new tonal beast!


Boost is new circuit designed to add harmonics at any gain level.  It's vintage treble boost inspired and can smash the first tube stage just like you would with a pedal in front of a plexi stack back in 1967.

My new Master Volume circuit was designed from scratch to solve the issues all typical masters bring to  your tone.  It maintains frequency balance and the feel of your Super-Plex MK II down to whisper levels.

The new voicing switch toggles between PLEXI and TWEED emphasis.  It tweaks the response of the tone stack to mimic the unique midrange qualities that are instantly recognizable in 50's Fenders and mid-60's Marshalls.

BOOST, MODE and LOOP are accessible via the footswitch:


- Variac mode simulates using a variac to operate a plexi at 90V AC.
- Switchable for 50 or 100 watts output.

-Silver carbon fiber with crimson trim motif.

 Zero Loss FX loop accommodates any external effects - from pedal to rack.

Selectable impedance and output level to accommodate any speaker arrangement.




  • Output: 100 watts RMS, 150 watts peak
  • Weight: 46 lbs / 21 kg
  • Dimensions: 29" x 10.75" x 8.25" (736mm x 275mm x 205mm) (feet not included, add 1.25" to height)
  • AC operation: 100, 120, 230, 240V AC 50HZ, 60HZ
  • Inputs: high, low
  • Controls: gain, treble, middle, bass, presence, master volume, boost gain, boost master, boost treble, boost bass and PLEXI/TWEED switch
  • Switches: power, standby, variac, loop level, PLEXI/TWEED
  • Outputs: speaker impedance, speaker jacks (2)
  • Footswitch: XLR 4 pin   BOOST - MODE - LOOP
  • FX loop: send, return, level
  • Power switch: 100W, 50W
  • AC input: IEC
  • Fuses: 4A SLOBLO mains, 1A SLOBLO high voltage, 1A SLOBLO internal