Metro-Plex MK II 100 watt head - DOWN PAYMENT - 2025 RUN


This is a PRE-ORDER DOWN PAYMENT for the Metro-Plex MK II 100 watt head. 
These amps will ship in 2025.

Your down payment is a non-refundable commitment to the amp.  Once placed, the funds will be used to purchase parts and can not be cancelled.
The total price is $3,499 USD.  ($3,699 in custom color) 
The balance plus shipping costs will be due when your amp is ready to ship.
Please only place a down payment if you understand and agree to these terms.  Thank you!

We have added options for COLOR, AC VOLTAGE and POWER CABLE type, please be sure to select correctly.  If you require other accommodations, please leave us a note when you check out. 

At long last!  My ultimate emulation of the iconic 1968 Superlead plexi.

Metro-Plex MK II

This two channel amp faithfully emulates everything about my '68 Superlead serial # 12380.  The tone, the feel, the note attack, the harmonics.  It's ALL there.

If you're obsessed with plexi tone and everything else has left you unsatisfied, this is the amp that will quench your thirst.  From Marshall reissues to boutique offerings, nothing else captures the essence of my vintage plexi like this Metro-Plex.

Classic plexi style and cllass.

12380 and 12301 channels.
Blend normal and treble gains in the 12380 channel, just like you would on any vintage plexi.  With switchable "bright cap" options, you can call up any classic tone at will, including Superbass (no bright cap).

12301 is fixed with 5,000pF bright cap and made to rip.  Dime it and unleash ferocious plexi aggression.

Each channel features an outstanding master volume


Classic tone controls.  Tweak your tone with the iconic plexi tone stack.


The pure plexi class continues on the rear.


 Footswitch between channels and patch in your favorite FX.


Accommodate virtually any speaker arrangement.  Set bias without removing the chassis.

Select 50 watts or 100 watts of output power.


 These amps are limited.  We hand build each one right here in Michigan. 

Our head cabinets are made in house.  As are our control panels and logos.


Features and specs:

100 watts RMS @ 4, 8 or 16 ohms with half power switch (50W100W)

full size plexi style head in black and gold motif

two channels: 12380/12301 switchable from the front panel or via footswitch

three way switchable bright cap on 12380 channel (none/500pF/5,000pF)

Zero Loss FX loop with level switching (rack or pedal)

(3) 12AX7 preamp tubes (4) EL34 power tubes

Best in class master volume (one for each channel)

Four classic bands of tonal control (TREBLE, MIDDLE, BASS, PRESENCE)

Here's the incredible demo from Jim Gaustad, NAILING early EVH tones on the 12301 channel.

 Follow up to Jim's Brown Sound video.  This time with the amp running at 120V AC and Master Volume set around 3 1/2.

And here's me modding 12380 to 12301 specs to analyze and recreate.