Now available in gold or silver!!!


All the functions you demand from the Metropoulos Head Master with updated design and motif.

The Head Master MK III is the most transparent, reliable, safe for your tube amp solution for two heads into one speaker cab available.  It’s also the best solution for your back up amp on stage.  If your main amp goes down, you flip the switch and keep rolling in mere seconds.


New MK III features include:

  • Heavy steel chassis with familiar gold or silver control panels.
  • No more wall wart! Simple AC cord works at any voltage.
  • Classic lamps for indicating which amp is active (no more little LEDs).
  • Pushbutton ground lifts for both guitar outputs.
  • Snappy rocker switches for power and amp selection.
  • It even includes the squishy gray plexi feet!


Features that have always set the Head Master above the competition:

  • Absolutely transparent signal path. What goes in, comes out 100%.
  • Fail safe default design. Even without power, signal stays routed to AMP A.
  • Independent 50 watt loads for each amp keep your inactive amp safe.
  • Rugged and reliable for any scenario.
  • Wide and balanced to sit firmly on top of a head, even with all cables patched.
  • Intuitive color coding and detailed hook up diagram.


Add our premium cable set for ideal, color-coded integration.  Make the Head Master MK III the heart of your rig.


What’s included:

Head Master MK III

Single button footswitch for amp selection

Non-polarized AC power cord


Optional premium cable set:

  • 6’ premium guitar cable with red ends – HM MK III to AMP A
  • 6’ premium guitar cable with green ends – MK III to AMP B
  • 6’ premium speaker cable with red ends – AMP A to HM MK III
  • 6’ premium speaker cable with green ends – AMP B to HM MK III
  • 6’ premium speaker cable with black ends – HM MK III to speaker cab


Tech Specs:
8 3/4” x 6” x 2 3/4” tall (including gray plexi feet)
Operates on any voltage anywhere in the World
Safe for amps up to 200 watts
Footswitch includes attached 20’ cable