2-12 Slant Cabinet


Imagine taking a vintage 4-12 slant cab from the 1960s and slicing it horizontally at 5" down from the center - leaving a gorgeous 2-12 slant. That is exactly what I did in 3D CAD.  The result: a cab with with timeless appeal that looks great with everything from vintage amps to brand new Metro-Plex and Super-Plex. Looks are great, but if it doesn't sound incredible, why bother? Fortunately, the extra internal volume per speaker (compared to a 4-12 slant) lowers the resonant frequency of the cab and adds low end girth. These cabs hang with 4-12s tonally while maintaining a tighter focus and projection area. Perfect for hearing yourself without flooding the whole stage and causing conflict with band members and sound people.

For the ultimate stage rig, a 2-12 slant on top of a 4-12 straight makes up the perfect 3/4 stack!

These cabs are built to order, current lead time is 4 weeks to ship.

My favorite speakers include Creamback M65, H75 and Alnico. The combination of one H75 and one Alnico is brilliant. While the most three dimensional, deep, warm British voiced tones comes from two Alnicos.

Standard motifs include:

  • Black Levant with basketweave grill and gold trim (plexi  style)
  • Black Carbon Fiber with basketweave grill and gold trim (Metro-Plex style)
  • Silver carbon fiber with classic silver grill and trim (Super-Plex style)

Most custom tolex, grill and trim options are available by special order, contact us for details.

The ultimate companion to your Metropoulos amp!