About Metropoulos and Metroamp

George Metropoulos spent years pursuing classic plexi tone - on the road, in the studio, in the workshop and online.  He has become an authority on many things related to vintage Marshall amps and vintage plexi tones.  His obsession has manifested itself in the Metropoulos replica amps and, more recently, the Metro-Plex. 

Metropoulos Amplification has entered a new era of modern amp designs with authentic plexi era tones.  Including the Metro-Plex and the unique 2-12 slant speaker cab.

For many years, Metroamp was THE source for all the parts needed to build a DIY plexi style amp, upgrade a reissue Marshall or restore a vintage piece.

Metroamp remains the web store offering a handful of must-have accessories for Metropoulos and other plexi style amps.  Also available is our best in the industry Zero Loss FX loop.

The Metroamp forum is updated and renamed "Metropoulos" forum.  It serves as a central archive for all manner of technical info and historical data.  Its a lively community of amp techs, DIY'ers and amp nuts.

Obsessed with plexi tone????  You've found the right place!