Zero Loss FX loop - board only


The original and still the BEST!

Since Steve Miller discovered the LND150 FET in 2005 and  created the circuit that passes full preamp signal to/from external FX, with ZERO loss.  This has set the standard.


Newly updated Rev 4 adds integrated level switching to the exceptional Zero Loss loop. On board switch allows selection of pedal level or line level (-20db or +4bd) to accommodate anything from pedals to high end rack gear at the flip of a switch.

We officially support this loop when installed in Marshall 1959, 1987, 2203 and 2204 models, and authentic replicas of these amps. The installation instructions are specific to this style of amp, with the long tailed phase inverter circuit. The loop will also work great in many, many other tube amp circuits, but we do not supply specific instructions. Please download the instructions from the link below to determine if the loop is compatible with your amp. Also, any good tube amp tech/designer can tweak this loop to work in most applications. It has been used successfully in tube amps from 18 to 200 watts.

Loop dimensions are 3 3/8" x 1 3/4". Includes only loop pc board - loaded and tested. For those who don't require the switch and extra parts.

Download the instructions here: Zero Loss FX Rev 4.1

Link to more info on the Metropoulos forum: FX Loop thread

Facebook group dedicated to the loop:  Zero Loss group