Supa-Boost - handwired, high voltage boost pedal ***PRE-ORDER***


Due to overwhelming demand, I'm going offer 25 of these pedals that I handwire myself while ramping up full scale production.   These will be housed in a larger box than the forthcoming production units.  

If you're not concerned about saving precious pedalboard real estate, you can have the first run "large box" edition of this new boost. 

We have to finish the artwork and have the boxes made, so I'm guessing 12 weeks lead time.  Though I'm hoping to keep it closer to 8 weeks.  I'll post a solid ETA as soon as I am able.



High voltage FET boost circuit with the highly tweaked Metro-Plex tone stack (treble, middle, bass).  Add up to 20db of gain to your signal before it hits the amp.  Even order harmonics stack up even with no extra signal gain. 

Operates from a standard 9V tip negative (Boss style) power supply. 

True bypass operation.

NOTE:  picture is the unfinished prototype, not the finished pedal you will receive. 


Hear it on our youtube channel:  Metropoulos