Head Master MK II


The Head Master MK II is the safest, cleanest way to use two amps with one speaker cabinet.  Proper loads are provided for each amp, no need to worry about damage caused from delay repeats or residual signal hitting the inactive amp.

 What's new in the MK II edition:

  • More ergonomic size and shape, sits perfectly on top of a head
  • Tall feet to avoid amp handles
  • Heavy aluminum case with textured powder coating
  • High efficiency relays
  • Isolated power supply keeps noise out of your signal path
  • Fail safes ensure your signal stays active, even during a power outage
  • Pop reduction circuit virtually eliminates switching noise
  • Two speaker outputs, for using two cabs
  • Ground lift switch for Amp B

The Head Master MK II is ideal for switching between amps live or in the studio.  It's also perfect for running a back up amp in a live rig.  If Amp A goes down, simply flip the switch and carry on. 

My original purpose for this switcher was to compare original amps to replicas.  All other devices I tried for this colored the signal or shorted the output of the inactive amp.  Or both!!!  Not acceptable for critical listening and safe switching of vintage amps.  The Head Master MK II is dead flat from under 10Hz to over 60k Hz!  Your signal remains pristine and you can relax knowing your amp has the proper load.

 Please allow 10 days to ship.

What's included:

  • Head Master MK II
  • 12V @ 1A universal power supply
  • Footswitch with LED
  • AC ground lift (some rigs benefit from ground lifting Amp B)

What else is required:

  • Two additional guitar cables
  • Two additional speaker cables

Dimensions:   2 1/4" tall (without feet)

                       8 3/4" wide, 6 1/2" deep