Metro-Spec 100W PT Drake 1203-80-ML


Accurate recreation of '60s era 100W plexi power transformer. Based on a tear down of original Drake 1203-80, but modified for 80% tapped secondaries (lower B+ voltage).

  • authentic construction
  • M6 steel laminations
  • 120, 220 and 240V AC primaries
  • laydown (horizontal) mounting

Perfect for all 100 watt plexi style amp builds or restorations.

Please note, the past year has been a perfect storm in the transformer industry. When Magnetic Components closed in Summer 2020 it left a huge void in our industry.  Our transformer manufacturer, Heyboer, faced two State mandated shut downs here in Michigan.  They are working very hard to meet the demand and they increased production this year.  
Despite their efforts, lead time on transformers is unpredictable.  Raw materials, supply chain hiccups and increased demand have complicated production.  Please bare with us and know that your parts will ship as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we are forced to make transformer orders non-cancellable and non-refundable.  Very sorry for any inconvenience.